From Your Aborist Trees

Recommended Trees

Recommended Small Trees

Cornus mas, Cornelian cherry
Shrub tree to 15-25 ft.   Blooms in March,  yellow blossoms are tiny, yellow fall color with scarlet fruit.  Likes warm conditions.

Cornus Kousa var. Chinensis, Korean Dogwood
To 20 ft.  Strawberry-like fruit, June blooming abundant flowers, 4 petal white bracts, crimson fall color

Cornus alternafolia, Pagoda Dogwood
Multitrunked to 20 ft.  Horizontally spreading branches bear unusual upright flat showy white flowers, with dark blue fruit attracting birds in late summer.  Great Fall color.  Well-drained soil, full to partial sun.

Cotinus coggygria, Smoketree
To 10-15 ft.  Blue green leaves turn purple, fading flowers form airy and feathery plumes.  Bees attracted to May bloom.  Full sun, well-drained soil

Cercis canadensis, Eastern Redbud (variation Forest Pansy)
25 ft. tall tree.  Heart-shaped reddish/purple leaves turn yellow in fall, April pea-like pink flowers strung tightly along branches.  Full sun, well-drained soil.

Lagerstroemia indica, Crape Myrtle (variation Zooney or Natchez)
To 25 ft.  Multistemmed slow growing tree with flaky cinnamon bark.  Profuse brilliant September red/pink/purple flowers in upright pyramidal panicles.  Well-drained soil and warm setting.

Parrotia persica, Persion Ironwood
15-30 ft.  Dramatic fall yellow/orange/pink/scarlet color.  Multistemmed, gray flaking bark, hazy red March flowers.  Full sun

Amelanchier grandiflora, Serviceberry (variation Autumn Brilliance)
To 25 ft.  Abundant edible fruit, showy white spring flowers and bright orange/red fall color

Franklinia alatamaha, Franklin Tree
To 25 ft.  Slender, pyramidal graceful tree with reddish brown bark, large leaves turning brilliant orange/red in fall, and 3” creamy white flower cups with yellow stamens in late summer.  Full sun, well-drained.

Malus sargentii, Sargent crabapple
Slow growing 10×20 ft.  Disease resistant.  Broad zig-zagging branches.  Profuse small fragrant flowers, tiny red fruit long lasting.

Malus, Crabapple var. Red Jewel/Prof. Sprenger/Golden Raindrops

To 20 ft.  White flowers, green leaves, long lasting small orange-red fruit; highly disease resistant.  Grows well in poor soils

Chionanthus virginicus, White Fringe Tree
15’ x 15’, multistemmed.  White June flowers on fleecy panicles with blue fall fruit attracts birds.  Damp acidic soil

Prunus “Berry”, Cascade Snow Cherry
25’ x 20’.  Most disease resistant cherry, upright spreading habit, single spring snow white blossoms followed by dark green leaves.  Full sun, well-drained soil

Prunus ‘Tai Haku’, Great White Cherry
18’ x 25’ in 30 years.  Superior blooms of very large pure white flowers.  Yellow/orange fall color

Acer palmatum “Sango kaku”, Coral Bark Maple
To 15 ft.  Grown mainly for bark interest in winter, upright form, gold fall color

Acer palmatum, Japanese Maples (many variations):

  • Katsura: 15’ x 15’, upright form.  Orange/yellow spring foliage, fades to green in summer, returns to yellow/orange in fall.  Full sun with good drainage
  • Osakazuki: 20’ x 20’, rounded form.  Crimson fall color.  Full sun, good drainage
  • Seiryu: 15’ x 10’, finely dissected feathery foliage.  Crimson fall color.  Vase shaped.  Full sun, good soil.
  • Orido Nishiki: 15’ x 10’.  Variegated pink, green and white.  Plant in shade
  • Ukigumo: 8’ x 8’.  Floating variegated white clouds.  Likes shade
  • Acer shirasawanum “Aureum”, Golden Fullmoon Maple.
    10’ x 10’.  Green leaves turn chartreuse in fall.  Plant in shade

Recommended Medium Trees

Magnolia Virginia, Swamp Bay Magnolia
H 25’ x W 15’.  Long-lasting 2-3” white flowers in late summer.  Moist sites.

Styrax obassia/japonica, Fragrant Snowbell/Japanese Snowbell
20-30 ft.  Horizontal branches with masses of fragrant white bell-shaped flowers in June. Yellow fall color.  Tolerant of poor soils.  Obassia has much larger leaves and is more slender than japonica.

Oxydendrum arboreum, Sourwood or Sorrel Tree
H 20’ x W 10’, slender trunk.  Exquisite crimson and yellow fall color.  White droopy August bell-shaped flowers.  Larger leaves.  Well-drained soil, moderately tolerant of dry conditions

Betula albosinesis var. septentrionalis, Chinese Red/Paper Birch
40’+ x 30’ (15’ x 10’ in 10 yrs.).  Incredible peeling rose apricot bark, golden fall leaves.  Tolerant of poor soils, drought resistant.   Full sun.

Stewartia monadelphia
Slow-growing to 35 ft.  Outstanding red fall color.  1” White/violet flowers in July.  Cinnamon peeling bark

Stewartia pseudocamelia
To 20-30 ft.  Cinnamon peeling bark.  Large 3” white/yellow July camellia-like flowers

Acer griseum, Paperbark Maple
25+ ft.   Known for reddish peeling bark, brilliant red fall color, 3 part leaves.

Acer davidii, Snakebark or Stripedbark Maple
20-35 ft.  Green and white striped bark.  Yellow/orange/purple fall color

Crataegus x lavallei “Carriere”, Carriere Hawthorn
25’ x 25’.  Rounded form.  Large white spring flowers.  Large dark glossy leaves to late in winter with red fruit, relatively thornless.  Disease resistant.  Well-drained soils.

Koelreuteria panniculata, Goldenrain Tree
Slow growing to 30 ft.  Spiraling branch patterns.  Spring compound bronze leaves turn green in summer.  Upright July 1’ panicles of yellow flowers.  Paper-lantern fruits in late summer turn from green to yellow to copper.  Tolerant of drought and poor soils.

Prunus Mackii, Goldbark Cherry
May reach 40 ft.  Prized for its golden peeling bark.  Racemes of white flowers in May.

Prunus serrula, Paperbark Cherry
May reach 40 ft.  Prized for its peeling mahogany bark.  Nice fall color.  Small white flowers.

Embothrium coccineum, Chilean Fire Tree
May reach 40 ft.  Stunning profusion of fiery red May-June flowers, unlike anything else.  A narrow, upright tree.

Fraxinus ornus, Manna Ash
Slow-growing to 35 ft. Creamy white early summer fragrant flowers hang down in panicles, smooth bark reminiscent of beeches, compound leaves.  Rounded shape with interesting branch structure.