Recommended Shrubs

Clerodendrum trichotomum, Harlequin Glorybower
Multistemmed, spreading shrub to 15 ft.  Large leaves, fragrant tubular white and scarlet flowers with blue berries, blooms late summer.  Sun, well-drained soil.

Enkianthus campanulatus “Red Bells”, Redvein enkianthus
Slow growing shrub, to 5-10 ft.  Spring red/yellow bell-shaped flowers, brilliant yellow/orange leaf fall color.  Acidic soil, full or partial sun.

Aronia arbutifolia “Brilliantissima”, Chokeberry
Spreading, bushy shrub to 10 ft.  White/pink spring flowers, long-lasting showy red/black fruit, leaves turn brilliant crimson in fall.  Best planted in clusters.

Cornus stolinifera, Redtwig Dogwood
Rampant suckering shrub to 15 ft., thought usually 5-8 ft annually.  White summer berries, brilliant fall color and bright red winter twigs.  May be coppiced each spring

Hamamalis x Intermedia, Witch Hazel (many variations)
Excellent for winter interest.  Slow growing, multistemmed, spreading shrub.  Excellent fall leaf color and fragrant winter flowers.  Well-drained soil, partially shaded or full sun.

  • Diane: red flowers, to 15 ft.
  • Pallida: yellow flowers, to 12 ft., more horizontal structure than others
  • Winter Beauty: yellow flowers, to 12 ft.  Largest flowers, vase-shaped form
  • Jelena: orange flowers, to 12 ft., vase shaped
  • Arnold’s Promise: yellow flowers, to 10 ft., early and heavy bloomer

Viburnum tinus “Spring Bouquet”
H 6’ x W 8’ evergreen shrub.  Dark green leaves with metallic blue berries (summer) and fragrant white blooms in late winter/Spring.  Full sun or shade.

Callicarpa bodinieri var. Giraldi “Profusion”, Beautyberry
Vigorous 10 ft shrub.   Small violet/yellow leaves in fall, metallic violet fruit in winter.

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