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Mark Herkert, certified arborist, helps you and your trees get along by balancing your goals with the long-term health of your trees. Specializing in: planting and transplanting pruning for aesthetics fruit tree pruning hedges restoring previously topped trees landscape and tree selection consulting

Madison Park Tree removal and pruning services in Seattle

Madison Park Tree has qualified experts that specialize in tree removal in Seattle, fruit tree pruning in Seattle, and even mulch and arborist chip delivery in Seattle. Are you looking to get your fruit trees pruned? Madison Park Tree offers

Choosing an arborist and tree service for tree pruning in Seattle

Choosing a local professional arborist in Seattle is the best choice for tree pruning in Seattle that you and your community will benefit from Madison Park Tree is a local business that can assist with all of your tree service

How not to get fined

Did you know: Trees in the parking strip are required to have 8’ of sidewalk and 16’ of street clearance. All trees in the parking strip require a permit for removal.  See Trees on steep slopes require permits to

Recommended Shrubs

Clerodendrum trichotomum, Harlequin Glorybower Multistemmed, spreading shrub to 15 ft.  Large leaves, fragrant tubular white and scarlet flowers with blue berries, blooms late summer.  Sun, well-drained soil. Enkianthus campanulatus “Red Bells”, Redvein enkianthus Slow growing shrub, to 5-10 ft.  Spring

Recommended Trees

Recommended Small Trees Cornus mas, Cornelian cherry Shrub tree to 15-25 ft.   Blooms in March,  yellow blossoms are tiny, yellow fall color with scarlet fruit.  Likes warm conditions. Cornus Kousa var. Chinensis, Korean Dogwood To 20 ft.  Strawberry-like fruit, June