We can deliver 3-4 cubic yards of mulch to the central Seattle area for $75.  Mulch is anything that goes thru the chipper – a mix of leafy green material and woody parts. It is best suited as a top dressing over beds.  Typically it has more green material than woody chunks, making it less suitable to cover paths and areas that receive traffic.

Applying mulch 3-4″ deep over your plants helps them by retaining moisture, suppressing weeds, and adding nutrients.  We can dump them wherever we can fit our truck, most commonly the parking strip.   A truck load of chips is about 8′ long x 6′ wide x 2-3′ high.

If you need tree removal Seattle or fruit tree pruning Seattle, we can help. We also consider mulch arborist chips delivery Seattle to be our speciality. Call us for any of your landscaping needs!

We know how hard it can be to find a skilled and trustworthy arborist to do work in your yard. We aim to completely satisfy our customers, whether we are doing tree removal Seattle, fruit tree pruning Seattle, or anything in between. This page is dedicated to one of our most popular services, mulch arborist chips delivery Seattle. We can bring mulch to you anywhere in the greater Seattle area. Call us today to learn about the different types of mulch we have available. We will also be happy to schedule other landscaping services, such as tree removal Seattle or fruit tree pruning Seattle, over the phone.