“We have a 80′ Deodor Cedar in our front yard, big and beautiful it is.  The tallest on our old block in Ballard it stands out.  It also needs pruning as those branches reach some 40′ in every direction.  Mark has trimmed this tree since 2000, stopping by, checking it out, letting us know when we need action taken.  Thanks Mark for always being there for us and our special tree!”

John V, Ballard
Customer since 2000

“We first started working with Mark in 1998 when we relandscaped our Phinney Ridge home.  Mark has been our tree doctor ever since.  He has helped us with removals, planting, and regular pruning.   We are now living in China and manage our house from a distance.  It is quite comforting to have someone as trustworthy as Mark to keep an eye on our old lilacs, to trim the Magnolia when it hits the telephone wires,  to manage the pear tree that he planted the year our son was born, to keep that giant Cedar in line, or to simply sprinkle wood chips in the beds where the weeds always migrate.  Mark is an accomplished arborist with a heart of gold.  It is always a pleasure to have him climbing our trees.”

Janice E, Phinney Ridge
Customer since 1998

“I called Mark a few years back after getting his name from the fine folks at City People’s Gardens. He came out and looked at my fruit trees, which looked pathetic due to my rather abysmal attempts at pruning. He asked what my goals were with the trees, and I said I wanted to get as much fruit as possible. Now my asian pears bear SO much fruit that it looks like a veritable garden of eden in front of my house! Mark is responsive, professional, reasonable and really knows his stuff – no one else touches my trees.”

Barb C, Montlake
Customer since 2006

“Mark takes a conservative approach to pruning and tree maintenance, unlike a previous arborist which I used, only removing what is absolutely necessary and doing so artfully so the form of the tree is not lost. He also is more reasonably priced that other arborists I have consulted. I highly recommend him!”

Terry P, Washington Park
Customer since 2003

“We recently moved into our house, which had a 30+ foot holly tree in the backyard that was obscuring our view and shading our garden.  Mark did a terrific job of taking it down to the level of the neighboring large box hedge.
He also had his helper trim our box hedges in the front of the house and he did a very good job, even working late to get it done in one day.  We’ll use them again!”

Ken S, Capitol Hill

“Mark has been our arborist for almost ten years. We have a steeply sloped heavily wooded in-city lot and we rely on him to keep our trees healthy, our views intact and our neighbors sleep better knowing our tree limbs and trees are not going to be in their front yards after a big storm. He is prompt, responsive, appropriately priced, and does a complete and clean job. And he is much better looking than his picture.”

Virginia S, Madrona
Customer since 2000

“Mark pays incredible attention to detail and understands what trees need.  He helped me figure out how best to care for an old stand of evergreens that had not been well maintained in the past, and did a highly detailed limbing and pruning job.  My yard is so much happier now!”

Antje H, Seward Park
Customer since 2007

“I got a referral to Madison Park Tree from City People’s landscape design division after we moved to a new location with an old garden.  We needed a huge, near-100′ deodar cedar in our yard limbed-up and pruned back, as well as shaping/pruning a 20′ long, 7′ high very old bay laurel hedge.  Mark responded quickly and gave us a very competitive price.  He did a fabulous job on the cedar and bay and now keeps all our garden shrubs and trees in beautiful shape.  He works quickly and expertly, takes away all the scraps and leaves the garden neat and looking great.  I recommend Madison Park Tree to anyone looking for great service  and reasonable prices.”

Elizabeth H, Mt Baker
Customer since 2008

“My townhome complex had several trees and bushes that had been neglected for years so we needed help.  We’ve previously hired landscapers to do some work on the trees which was a HUGE mistake.  Their work looked great at first but it wasn’t done properly and caused a few trees to deteriorate over time.  This resulted in us having to remove those trees and properly prune some others.  I called Plant Amnesty for local arborist recommendations and they referred me to Madison Park Tree.”

“Their bid was the most competitive out of 4 qualified companies.  Mark provided some great feedback on what was needed to get our place looking good and healthy again.   They worked quickly and did a great job of cleaning up the area afterwards.  Our property is still looking great 6 months later!  I’ll definitely be using them for any future jobs.”

Brian S, Phinney Ridge

“Mark removed a very large tree that had overgrown the space available.  The tree was less than five feet from the house and there were a number of other trees closeby which made the extraction seem difficult.  I left for work in the morning and returned home that evening to find the tree removed.  No damage to deck, house or neighboring trees leaving a beautiful light filled front yard.”

Tess G, Kirkland, WA
Customer since 2000

“There was a pretty out of control cork-screw willow growing in my neighbor’s yard into my property. Mark came by and gave me an estimate. The estimate was good so I gave him the go ahead.

He did a great job on the tree. It looks great now and is much healthier. My neighbor liked his work so much that she hired him a week later.
You can’t go wrong with Mark.”

John H, Arboretum

“I had a medium sized Douglas Fir tree on my property between my house and my neighbor’s, and my neighbor wanted to do something to reduce the needles on his side.  I called a number of ‘tree people’ from the phone book, and Mark returned my call promptly, came by a few days later, and gave me good advice.  His price was reasonable and he did a great job removing the tree, and cleaning up after his work.  It was a painless process, my neighbor is happy now, and I’d recommend Madison Park Tree to anyone.”

Brian N, Capitol Hill
Customer since 2006