Top 10 reasons to prune:

  • clearance from wires, buildings, streets, sidewalks, and pathways
  • increasing sunlight: deadwooding, thinning, and limbing can lighten up your yard
  • shaping: cutting back new growth from vines and hedges to keep them from overwhelming your yard
  • fruit tree reduction to ensure accessible fruit (summer pruning)
  • restoration: thinning overgrown fruit trees and other previously topped trees to restore their form (winter pruning)
  • safety: removing broken and hanging branches
  • aesthetics: thinning dense (miniature japanese maples) and vigorous (purple leaf plums) trees
  • view pruning (also known as windowing)
  • training young trees for form

we do not:

  • thin for windsail. This is less likely to prevent your conifer from blowing over and more likely to cause branch breakage.
  • remove more than 25% of living foliage. It is often less stressful for your tree to thin in stages than trying to restore a tree all at once

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