Meet Your Aborist

ponderosa removal

Mark Herkert has been a certified arborist since 2000.  Originally from the garden state of NJ, he has taken the road less traveled to arboriculture.  A German major at Notre Dame, he worked for 10 years in the substance abuse field before earning a Masters in Social Work from Columbia University.  After working with Yupik Eskimos in Alaska and a stint working with bears, he combined his love of the natural world and climbing to become an arborist.  Since the early ‘90s Mark has also been an Outward Bound instructor, teaching mountaineering in the North Cascades.  Mark’s passions include climbing, wildflowers, softball, all things Red Sox, and traveling.  Mark and Beth and their daughters Clare and Lydia spent much of ‘09 traveling through South America, learning Spanish and volunteering.  They continue to keep their eyes open for the next adventure.